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First edition 2010

by KAS Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa
www.kas.de/mediaafrica/ | facebook.com/kasmediaafrica

Authors: Gwen Ansell, Evelyn Groenink

Contributors: Adriaan Basson, Tom Dennen, Edem Djokotoe, Sage-Fidèle Gayala, Joe Hanlon, Brant Houston, Gavin MacFadyen, Joyce Mulama, Eric Mwamba, Margaret Renn, Charles Rukuni, Erika Schutze, T. Kenichi Serino, Finnigan wa Simbeye

Second edition 2016

Published by Torben Stephan
Edited by Syed Nazakat
and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Media Programme Asia
www.kas.de/mediaasia/ | facebook.com/media.programme.asia