1.3.6. Erasing data

Wiping out all the data on your devices might be a path you have to go down if you believe you are being tracked down by people who do not want your story to get out. If you have to erase your data, don’t just rely on your device’s delete or erase function. Doing so does not necessarily wipe the actual documents off your hard drive, which means it can be easily restored. This technique is the same for flash drives, like those used in digital cameras. Instead overwrite your data, which essentially replaces the original files with newer, less sensitive ones. Some tools to consider are ‘Eraser’, ‘Secure Eraser’ (both Windows) or ‘Super Eraser’ (Mac).

The software can be found at: http://eraser.heidi.ie, http://www.secure-eraser.com or http://www.doyourdata.com/data-erase-software/super-eraser.html