5. How Do You Know If You Are Being Surveilled?

5. How Do You Know If You Are Being Surveilled?

A smart device – phone, laptop, tablet, by definition is a tracker. Almost all applications rely on location and data sharing for them to function optimally. This also means that by using one, you are effectively providing ways to determine your location. This has the potential of leaving a crack in the door, if not careful. Surveillance is an unfortunate, yet gravely serious threat faced by journalists and activists globally. This makes it important to ensure your personal devices are not compromised. But how do you know if they are?

A device gets compromised usually through an installed malicious software – malware, or spyware.

What can a malware do to compromise your activity and data?

  • –  Send your activity data to the hacker’s cloud.
  • –  Record location data to the cloud.
  • –  Activate the microphone and the camera and record it.
  • –  Install or uninstall applications on the device.
  • –  Record phone calls.

There are some behavioural tactics to check if your device has been compromised or not. Consider them as the warning signs that you can pick up on to alert you of potential spyware on your device.