Case Studies

The role of Social Media for digital security

by KAS Media Programme Asia

Jason Reich, Director of Global Security at BuzzFeed, explains why digital security is important for investigative journalists and what impact social media has on safety. Find out more on how to investigate safely in Chapter 4.

Citra Prastuti recommendations for an investigative radio feature

by KAS Media Programme Asia

Citra Prastuti, Chief Editor from KBR, told us her recommendations on how to structure an investigative story for a radio feature. Listen how she keeps the attention of her listeners. Here you find more tips on how to write and structure a story after having gathered all information. Want to know more about Citra Prastuti? […]

How to ask questions for a radio feature

by KAS Media Programme Asia

Citra Prastuti, Chief Editor from KBR, told us how asking questions differs for a radio feature and how she convinces her sources to go on record. Find out more about on/off record and asking questions in our manual. Want to know more about Citra Prastuti? Follow her on Twitter: @citradp Here are some of her stories […]

Safety during undercover investigations

by KAS Media Programme Asia

Naziha Syed Ali explains how she stays safe during undercover investigation. Find out more about safety in Chapter 4 and in Chapter 6.

Illegal organ transplantation in Pakistan

by KAS Media Programme Asia

Naziha Syed Ali from “The Dawn” went undercover with her colleague to investigate illegal organ transplantation in Pakistan. In the video she explains the reason to go undercover and what she discovered.   The story was originally published in the Dawn. To read it click here.

Recommendations for undercover investigations

by KAS Media Programme Asia

We talked with Naziha Syed Ali from “The Dawn” about her recommendations for journalists who consider going undercover and what her ethical limits for an undercover investigation are.

The impact of Australian mining in Africa

by Elles van Gelder

The project Fatal Extraction, about Australia’s mining footprint in Africa, is one of the largest-ever journalistic collaborations on the African continent. Reporters from thirteen countries spent approximately a year going to local courthouses and digging through company reports. The project was initiated by Will Fitzgibbon of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which is […]

Covering Ebola: going further than the death toll

by Elles van Gelder

One of the biggest African stories of the last few years has been the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The first case was reported in March 2014 and it rapidly became the deadliest occurrence of the disease since its discovery in 1976. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and respective governments have reported a total of […]

The war on terror: extrajudicial killings in Kenya

by Elles van Gelder

The opening scene of the two-part television series Call the Executioner by KTN News Kenya starts like a thriller. Kenyan investigative journalist John-Allan Namu is standing next to a bloodstained mattress and holds up a bullet shell casing from a 9mm gun. The blood is from Said Mohamed, who was killed by police under suspicious […]

The Mysterious Sales of Mongolia’s Erdenet Mine

by Lkhagva Erdene

I think behind every good investigation or story lays a plain sense of outrage journalist feels. This was no different. When the Mongolian Prime Minister Saikhanbileg Chimed announced the sale of the mine I felt dumbfounded as a journalist, ignored as a citizen. Erdenet mine is 51 percent owned by the state. Mongolian constitution states Mongolian […]